This is a blog about books I have read, am reading, or intend to read. It is also so I can discuss authors I like or think others should hear about. This blog only reflects my own personal opinions in regards to any book or author I talk about. I’m open to others making suggestions on who I should check out.

I will NEVER intentionally disrespect an author or their work on this site. Even the books I don’t personally connect with or enjoy for whatever reasons. I may point out why I didn’t like a story, but I understand that a writer is putting themselves out there by even trying.

I will also strive never to put spoilers in my blog whether I like a book or not. I think people should read a book and make up their own minds on whether they enjoy it or not. And I don’t think that enjoyment should be tainted by knowing what’s going to happen ahead of time. The author worked hard (usually) to get you from A to Z and it isn’t on my agenda to tell you if they took a wrong turn somewhere around X.


Have a suggestion or something to add? Speak up :)

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